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This Set is in the Original Box and Plastic Holder that was issued from the U.S. Mint. Here's what's included in this proof set: Lincoln Cent, Shop U.S. proof & mint sets on best deals at Order Proof Sets, Regular Proof sets and Mint sets today! Call us @() Keep your mint and proof sets safe in a heavy-duty box from JP's Corner. You never have to worry about your sets deteriorating in our storage solutions. Since , Silver Proof Sets from the U.S. Mint contain coins that are composed of % fine silver and are among the purest silver proof. Sort · s piece silver proof set with W-minted nickel · COMPLETE ORIGINAL DOUBLE MINT SET -ONLY issued RARE -INVESTMENT · through US.

We are pleased to be able to offer some of the highest quality examples of these special proof coin sets. All of these State Quarter and National Park Quarter. Buy Proof Sets & Mint Sets online securely with Golden Eagle Coins. Trusted dealer since A+ rating with BBB. Fully insured delivery through USPS. Buy U.S. Mint Proof Sets from Littleton Coin Company today! Coin proof sets contain the finest US Coins. Day money back guarantee! pcgs, ngc, cac, price guide, numismatics, coin values, coin collecting, rare coins, coin prices, Proof Sets. Official US Mint issued proof coin set for Contains all coins issued for that year in proof condition. Inventory: Available Product ID: The Coin Vault originally aired on Shop at Home where it developed a reputation of providing quality coins and collectibles, superior service. The United States Mint Proof Set features 10 proof coins encased in two clear plastic lenses in a beautifully designed package you'll be proud to. Special Edition Proof Sets take standard U.S. Mint Proof Coin Sets to the next level in collecting. Each one is unique, making them highly collectible. These. US Mint Proof Sets are highly sought-after collectibles among coin enthusiasts and collectors. These sets offer a comprehensive collection of proof coins issued. Mint & Proof Sets Silver and Clad Proof Sets, Mint Sets and "as seen on TV" specials. Andy's Quarter Blitz! Deal of the Day! Subscribe to our.

The value of a mint and proof set is not just determined by the coins inside, the condition of the packaging that holds the set can play a large part in. Shop all USM coin set collections from bundles, proof sets, circulated and uncirculated sets and even special occasion sets. United States Mint. Proof Sets. Filter Options. Search results: Composition: Clad (7). Copper (2). Silver (15). Grade: 68 (2). 69 (2). 70 (3). Misc/OGP (31). Grading Service. In the US Mint stopped making Proof Sets at the Philadelphia Mint and moved production to the San Francisco Mint. But it took the Mint 3 years to get set. The United States Mint Proof Set, commonly known as the Proof Set in the United States, is a set of proof coins sold by the United States Mint. Shop Littleton Coin Company online. Thousands of coins in stock - Quarters, Dollars, Coin Supplies, Proofs and other popular coins are available. A Proof set from the U.S. Mint contains proof coins of each circulating denomination from a certain year. Find the current Proof Sets values by year, coin varieties, and specific grade. S US Mint Proof Set OGP · United States Mint Proof Set Original Government Packaging Proof · S US Mint Proof Set Original Government Packaging.

Starting with , the Proof Set assumed its most familiar format. Coins were sealed within a rigid plastic holder and placed within a box. Although the design. Proof Sets are small collections of coins issued by the U.S. Mint, which include the highest quality versions of the coin struck in a given. Are you looking to sell US Mint proof sets? We offer competitive, transparent pricing and make it easy to sell your set. Coin Mint Set Boxes, Proof Set Boxes - Coin mint set boxes and proof set boxes to keep your collection secure. Storing date sets of coins has never been easier with mint and proof set cases. Collectors no longer need to store coins from their date sets in an.

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